What Kind of Therapy Does Dr. Winder Do? Will We Be a Good Fit?

What Kind of Therapy Does Dr. Winder do? And What Do “Solution-Oriented” and “Cognitive Behavioral” Mean?
At least 75% of the people who come to see me have seen someone else in the past for the same issue. Often I get couples who have been to multiple therapists over a period of years with no success, or individuals who have been in some kind of psychotherapy for a long time (I think the longest I’ve heard so far is 20 years of therapy (!!)) but feel like they still don’t feel “better”, have not improved, or made important and necessary changes.

My Style/Approach:
When I am successful with cases like this it’s almost always because of a difference in approach. My focus is very solution-oriented, and I tend to use a cognitive behavioral approach to therapy. That means that coming to see me is not about laying on a couch and expressing whatever comes to your mind every week forever. Rather, I actively structure the sessions in a manner designed to help you accomplish four things:

  • Recognize specific goals that are important to you that directly relate to the reason you came to see me.
  • Identify and develop the tools needed to achieve those goals.
  • Learn, practice, and improve the skills to use those tools correctly.
  • Feel proud of yourself!

Take a second to digest that.

The Goal of Therapy:
My focus is always on getting patients to stop seeing me as soon as possible – I feel most successful when someone stops seeing me because we both feel that they are ready to do so. I take great satisfaction in seeing increased confidence about a person’s ability to handle whatever brought them in to see me.

My brand of therapy is all about progress. If I’m not able to help you, there’s no point in continuing to come endlessly – instead I’ll try to help you understand why it’s not working, and if you’d like, I’m happy to help you find someone else who will hopefully be a better fit.

What I Encourage:
The one thing I expect of if you come see me is that you are willing to engage in this process – be open to recognizing what factors are holding you back, be open to recognizing the tools that can help you get past these, and have the willingness to do the work necessary to get it done.

An analogy I tell pretty much everyone who comes to see me is that the type of therapy I do is like personal training – if you go to the gym once a week and chat with a personal trainer you will be better-educated about fitness. But if you then go home, don’t exercise, and eat a box of donuts every day, you won’t be getting in any better shape. You need to absorb the wisdom, be willing to do the work, and use the trainer as a tool to achieve your goals. That, in a nutshell, is the attitude I try to encourage.

So – Will we be a good fit?
My style of therapy is not for everyone – if you’re just looking for someone sit and listen to you talk once a week, I’m probably not the best therapist for you. If you’re interested in figuring out what’s holding you back in your life or relationship and want to learn and practice the skills to break unhealthy patterns, then we may be a good fit. Feel free to come in for a free 20-minute consultation and see for yourself.



“Dr. Winder was very effective in helping me deal with an extremely stressful time in my life. The thinking exercises he taught me improved my ability to cope and allowed me to feel more hopeful.”

– Steven L.


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