STEP – Using Solution-Oriented, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Relationship Difficulties/ Depression/ Anxiety/ adjustment disorder/ Addictions/ Work Problems/ Behavioral Issues

Dr. Winder uses STEP to treat a wide variety of personal problems causing emotional pain. He is trained in a diverse array of techniques including short term, solution-focused, cognitive therapy, a combination cognitive behavior therapy approach, and insight-oriented dynamic psychotherapy. These are the basis of STEP, and Dr. Winder personalizes your treatment to YOUR presenting issues and patient personality and preference. Dr. Winder believes that the overall goal of psychotherapy is to have a positive and lasting impact on the patient’s life, and this theme is reinforced by developing a treatment plan collaboratively with the patient and constantly Evaluating (the E in STEP) this frequently throughout the therapy process.

No one is exactly the same, and different people respond better to different treatment approaches. Dr. Winder focuses on finding the approach that works best for you, and makes sure you are on board with every aspect of the therapy process from beginning to conclusion.

The point of therapy is to be useful and to make a difference in your life, and Dr. Winder focuses the entire therapy process on making sure this happens by tailoring treatment to your specific needs and what works best for you.


“Dr. Winder was very effective in helping me deal with an extremely stressful time in my life. The thinking exercises he taught me improved my ability to cope and allowed me to feel more hopeful.”

Steven L.

“Our divorce was getting nasty when we decided to give mediation a try – Dr. Winder was able to help us come to a settlement, avoid a court battle, and we’re now able to get along – which is great for our kids.”