Couples Counseling

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Relationship difficulties can affect every aspect of a person’s life, and this can cause a vicious cycle of resentment, ineffective communication, and anger. Couples counseling can help.

Dr. Winder uses a goal-based approach to help couples identify patterns that are negatively impacting the relationship, learn skills to improve these, and develop routines to implement more effective communication and interaction. This can be done at any stage of the relationship from early dating to long-married couples. Whether it’s relationship or marriage counseling, there is always room for improvement as long as the couple is willing to invest the effort. Dr. Winder is ready to guide you.

Couples Counseling

Online Couples Counseling

Dr. Alan Winder provides couples and relationship therapy online through convenient video chat. He can help you resolve your issues and progress towards a happy and fulling life right from the comfort of your home. He has over 15 years of experience helping the people of New York and throughout the country lead a better life and is ready now to help you achieve the satisfaction in your relationship that you deserve.

Relationship Therapy

Online Relationship Therapy Available

“Dr. Winder was very effective in helping me deal with an extremely stressful time in my life. The thinking exercises he taught me improved my ability to cope and allowed me to feel more hopeful.”
Steven L.

“Our divorce was getting nasty when we decided to give mediation a try – Dr. Winder was able to help us come to a settlement, avoid a court battle, and we’re now able to get along – which is great for our kids.”

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